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How to Take a Kibbe Body Type Test?

The Kibbe body type is a series of body types divided into five families. You can check the Kibbe body types if you wish to know about these types. If you are interested in this process, a small test will allow you to figure out your kibbe body type.

The test is dependent on Kibbe’s theory and a book named Metamorphosis. To begin with, you have to analyze your own body. If possible, you may take a look in underwear or swimsuit, and ensure that you are standing straight and that the camera is too low or high around chest level. Once you are in the right position, it is time to begin the test.

Please, ensure that you write down every section each answer is for! but if you are uncomfortable doing it. Let us take a look at the Kibbe body type test to know more about it.

For instance, something like this might work well:

  • Flesh: 4D 1B
  • Bone Structure: 3B 1A
  • Facial features: 2D 2E 2B
  • Instead of this:
  • 1A 6D 6B 2E

In this manner, with a little help, you will get to know the body type more quickly. It may also aid you in figuring things out if you are confused between two or more Kibbe body types. Or if you wish to get some help, you must figure it out, and then you can take consultations to consider your kibbe body type.

Also, please select the answer that best shows your body. Bodies are more on a spectrum than discreet shapes, so each answer may not fit, especially if you are young and the body is still evolving.

How Long Is Your Vertical Line?

Tall Man

Another method to ask is this, how tall do you look? You may look taller if you have a small head compared to your shoulders. You may look short if you have a large head compared to your shoulders.

My vertical line is:

  1. Moderately long (You look tall than actual)
  2. Smallish (You will look at the actual height)
  3. Petite (You will look short than others)
  4. Moderate (Look to actual height)
  5. Long (You look tall than actual)

What Is The Shape Of  The Shoulders?

You must be careful about posture when answering the question, as slouching might change the shoulders silhouette.

My shoulders are:

  1. Broad, blunt
  2. Moderate, even
  3. Tapered, Sloped (might be a bit sharp, but still sloped)
  4. Narrow, Sharp
  5. Rounded, Sloped

What Are The Shape And Size Of Your Feet And Hands Compared To The Rest Of The Body?

My feet and hands are:

  1. Broad, Large
  2. Delicate, small, narrow
  3. Long, narrow
  4. Moderate, neither very small nor very large
  5. Slightly wide and small

What Is The Shape Of The Waist-Line?

  1. Slightly defined, moderate
  2. Elongated but boyishly tapered when overweight
  3. Small in proportion to my hips and bust
  4. Elongated but broad
  5. Softly defined but slightly wide


Through this article, you will get a better idea about your facial features, bone structure, and flesh type through the 13 Kibbe body type theory. Thus making it easy to pick the right clothing style that suits you on various occasions.

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